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Ocean Robotics presents a vast array of underwater products, aimed at subsea professionals. Whether you're an underwater contractor or a university researcher we can deliver products tailored to your needs. The products presented on these pages are just our standard offerings, thanks to Ocean Robotics modular design we can easily adapt every product to the clients wishes, just let us know!

Thanks to in-house development of all key components in our systems we can provide next-generation functionality today, with an insight into every step of the process from manufacture to after-market, guaranteeing the highest quality standards.

 ROV SYSTEMS 140  Diving sys 140  Cameras 140  LEDs 140


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 Training 140


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Underwater Technology Engineered for Reliability

  • Materials that resist pressure, rough treatment and corrosion
  • Highly specified components
  • Great care in the design and manufacture of all details
  • Physically and electrically isolated system components
  • Distributed control system with advanced built-in diagnostics
  • Pressure compensated brushless DC thrusters for deep dives
  • Advanced double seals
  • Shock resistant protective frame