Energy & Water

The development of renewable energy sites is rapidly increasing. There is an emerging global awareness of hygiene and security for water supply. More and more focus is put on energy- and maintenance costs for district heating.  All this leads to an increasing need for underwater inspection within this area and to the development of new business as well as opportunities to grow for the established operators. OCEAN ROBOTICS offer compact, high performing and cost efficient underwater technology adapted to the specific needs of all our customers with operations related to Energy & Water.

Renewable Energy

Energy 180x215

Our ROV systems for the Renewable Energy sector are light, compact vehicles that can be handled from smaller vessels. Powerful enough to handle tough conditions.

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District Heating

Heating 180x215

OCEAN ROBOTICS small ROVs are developed to be able to enter and to manoeuver in confined spaces. They are available in versions that can operate in hot water.

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Water Supply

Water Supply 180x215-2

We offer ROV systems for drinking water supplies that are designed for optimal weight/performance ratio and to be able to enter small manholes or pipes. 

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